The State of Pennsylvania is the epicenter of the rapid expansion of illegal gambling devices, litigation, and legislative debates on how to address this problem. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania, many funded by the “skill” game industry, are considering legislation that would legalize thousands of slot machines in our communities, posing a danger.

Quick Facts

  • 1

    25,000 Machines In Delaware County Alone

    Deleware County District Attorney estimated there are 25,000 machines just in their single county. The statewide number is unknown, but growing.

  • 2

    Significant Concern to PA Police

    Pennsylvania State Police testified that the rise of these machines is a “significant concern” to both players and the surrounding communities and has caused an uptick in criminal activity.

  • 3

    Machines Have Not Been Tested Or Certified

    They are deceptively called "skill machines," but the reality is that programmed chance supersedes any actual skill. Payouts favor the companies that own them.

  • 4

    Unregulated and Accessible to Minors

    There is no testing or certification for the machines, leaving players vulnerable to potential manipulation and unfair practices.

  • 5

    Machines Are Deceptive to Customers

    The machine locations have no monitoring for underage play or compulsive gambling.

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What's Happening in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Legislature is poised to address this issue, and a statewide campaign has emerged to stop the spread of these machines.

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Pennsylvania Senator Continues To Push Skill Games Legislation

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Pennsylvania Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) is putting on a full-court press to regulate skill games. Yaw introduced Senate Bill 706, which consists of a tax structure for skill games to operate as a legal, regulated form of gambling in Pennsylvania.

It’s crucial that we act now and show lawmakers that Pennsylvanians don’t want mini-casinos on every street corner