Protect Our Backyards, Basements, and Bay

Issue 25 is your opportunity to protect our homes and preserve our beloved Maumee River.

Repair, Modernize, and Update: A Water System for Tomorrow

Our water treatment infrastructure is the lifeblood of our community. Issue 25 will allow the city to repair, modernize, and update our water treatment facilities. This means a more reliable and efficient system, ensuring daily clean, safe water flows to your taps.

Environmental Protection: Safeguarding the Maumee River

The Maumee River is not just a source of beauty; it's a vital ecosystem we must protect. Issue 25 is our strongest commitment to environmental protection. Investing in cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices will ensure the Maumee River thrives, preserving its natural beauty and wildlife for generations to come.

Meeting EPA Regulations: Clean Water, No Compromises

Clean water is a fundamental right, and Issue 25 will guarantee that our drinking water is safe. It also will ensure that all the city's wastewater and sewage systems meet the highest standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Benefits for Neighbors Now and for Generations to Come

Issue 25 isn't just about safeguarding our waterways but protecting what matters most to you - your homes and properties. Issue 25 helps prevent costly backups and flooding in basements and backyards. By supporting this initiative, you're taking a stand to prevent flooding, protect property values, and preserve our way of life for generations to come.

Your vote counts. Your community depends on it. On November 7, vote YES on Issue 25.

Find your nearest polling place. Make your voice heard!